Strong Impact of the Environment

Over the course of time, there are patterns, habits, and repeating coincidences that occur. Not everyone notices these events at first, even if they are directly impacted by the event, some still do not notice it. However, the impact is no less diminished by the lack of recognition. What event specifically impacts people without them noticing at first? The implantation of a park in a neighborhood. Karl says great memories are often made in parks.

There are a variety of ways a park can benefit nearby neighborhoods. The following are just a few examples of the great attributes a quality park or parks can have on a community.

Crime Rate

A park with open fields, trees, and an area for people to enjoy, play and relax can help reduce crime. When a park is placed into an urban environment it makes a difference in the habits of people, mainly because there are yes in the park and people almost end up policing things themselves. No longer is there nothing to do, but instead, one can go enjoy a nice day at the park. A child can fly a kite, play tag with friends, lay in the grass and make animals out of clouds all in the safe environment of a park.

Community Building

It happens all too often when a new family moves into a neighborhood, they are in an unfamiliar place that does that not feel like home because they there is no one around them that they know. Parks are a great place to meet people and other families. Parks can be a great ice breaker, especially when people are having fun because everyone wants to be a part of the fun. Adults can enjoy a friendly pick up game of a sport. Children can meet the other little ones around there home on the playground. A local park can help a neighborhood bind together, which leads to a stronger safer community

Karl Fritschen, a city planner and landscape architect, fully believes that parks can truly determine the health and safety of a neighborhood.


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