Planning to Control Urban Water – Karl Fritschen

“I care greatly about the environment and as such, have a great interest in stormwater management. I have taken several training courses on the Phase II stormwater program to better understand how it works, as it impacts our community,” Karl Fritschen revealed, when discussing urban water issues. Karl has certificates of successful training in NPDES Phase II Stormceptor Education, Watershed Planning, and Designing for a Sustainable Urban Region.

Karl Fritschen was project manager for Riverside Village in Concord, NC, which “…proved to be especially challenging, given the larger river stream buffer along the northwest boundary of the site and narrow frontage along Rocky River Road.” The project was approved by the Town Board in 2008. Karl performed due diligence, entitlement work, project administration, site plan and landscape plan for Community Christ Lutheran Church in Cornelius NC, which is of note since the site was within a critical watershed area. Ordinances required special stormwater treatment measures to comply with other stipulations. This project was approved in 2008 as well.

Karl did site and landscape design for the Church of Jehovah Witness in Guilford County, NC, with the particular challenge of access through a 100 year floodplain, and a large creek buffer. Karl was able to help the Church property qualify for a variance, and planned for stormwater treatment areas. Similarly, Karl provided project zoning research, due diligence and site and landscape design for the Church of the Jehovah Witness in Stanley County, NC, providing for native tree retention and an effectively placed stormwater pond.


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