Karl Fritschen – The Impact of Environment

Karl Fritschen is a professional urban planner and landscape architect with many accumulated years of experience in the industry. Over the course of his long and successful career, Karl has seen many fascinating patterns and phenomenon involving both human behavior as individuals, and as a whole. One thing that he has learned over the course of his career is just how impactful the state of your surroundings can be to the function of a neighborhood as a whole. Karl says that for instance the state of a local park facility is often indicative of a crime rate, and the higher quality and state of the park, the smaller the crime rate. Though this is a highly debated topic in the industry and particularly Karl’s field, he sticks to his guns, saying that people are simply creatures naturally effected by their surroundings, and that goes for both the negative and positive ends of the spectrum. Karl says that healing in a community is the same as healing a human body, which it takes time, and you must treat the wound at the source. Karl says that doing things like renovating a local park, a major gathering point for a community, is an important focal point for improving the overall community.

Karl Fritschen has met with much opposition when he debates with other professionals the importance of maintaining a public facility that is safe and family friendly. Though people are obviously not against this, they believe that it will not affect the social well-being of the area, behaviors such as crime rates and neighborhood cohesion. Karl says this is simply not so, and that much evidence supports his belief that adequately maintained facilities and attractive public spaces encourage interaction in a community, which in turn makes it safer and develops communication outlets. In other words government should be responsible for “setting the table” so to speak for business and entrepreneurialism to thrive. In Karl’s mind this includes top notch park and recreation facilities and highly functional public spaces.



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