Karl Fritschen – The City of Concord

Karl Fritschen has worked with and affiliated himself with a number of private and public, commercial and government funded facilities and collaborations throughout his many years in the landscape architecture and city planning industry. One of the experiences that helped to mold him as a professional the most was his time with the City of Concord, North Carolina. During his time with the City of Concord he became very accustom with multi-tasking, as he was given a plethora of different tasks and responsibilities to tackle throughout his time with the office. Karl says that he flourished most as a professional there because of the unique challenges that working with a high growth city offered, one that forced him out of his comfort zone to begin learning and growing in a way that improved him overall as an employee, and made him better acquainted with the many processes involved with keeping a city running smoothly and effectively. Karl says his time with the City of Concord was unique because of its size, and that the many events, issues, and projects showed him how important it was to manage time effectively.

Karl Fritschen’s experience while he worked and helped aid in the planning and administration at City of Concord molded him into the versatile professional he is today. Karl says that he learned much of the essential planning and administrative skills because of the raw volume of projects and issues that had to be dealt with at the office. Karl says that these experiences are key to any professional in city planning, as they will soon learn that the field can be very demanding, as the public has many needs that must be met in a timely and effective manner.



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